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I Hadn’t Expected It To Be So Dusty

2 minute read

Although I hadn’t expected a flood, either. I usually think of hurricanes sitting off the coast and dumping on Cape Cod and Boston (if they ever get that far...

iPhone Tethering

3 minute read

Free Wifi is great, isn’t it? Except when it’s worth exactly what you paid for it: nothing.

iTunes Hygiene

3 minute read

Instead of working on a site redesign that I have a tight deadline on, I am dealing with a long-standing peeve I’ve had: iTunes hygiene.

Why I Don’t Self-Host Anymore

6 minute read

I’m at An Event Apart and have just listened to a great presentation by Jeremy Keith on data permanency. He touched on many issues, from technical ones regar...

Nutrition Labels for WordPress

less than 1 minute read

Download I’ve just released a plugin for Wordpress, wp-nutrition-label. It provides a Wordpress shortcode which generates an HTML FDA-style nutrition label. ...

How to Quote a Shortcode in WordPress

less than 1 minute read

Wordpress offers a handy mechanism called a “shortcode”, which is a kind of macro. Shortcodes are supplied by Wordpress itself and by plugins that extend Wor...

A Reason I Like Apple

1 minute read

I don't go to physical Apple retail stores very often but this weekend in New York I needed a mini-displayport to HDMI cable, so we took a walk to the 5t...

Lean Chicken Chorizo Recipe

2 minute read

I like the flavor of chorizo but I'm not thrilled with its ingredients. Most commercial chorizo is very low quality food and quite unhealthy. It's made wi...

My Inbox Is Not a Todo List

3 minute read

I have 6 pieces of email in my inbox right now, down from somewhere slightly south of a thousand a few days ago. Much of the mail that was cluttering my inbo...