Twitter and Facebook Have Not Killed Their RSS Feeds, Completely

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Yesterday there was a fuss about alarming news that Facebook and Twitter had both killed off their RSS feeds (“completely”).

This led to much hand-wringing, name-calling and gnashing-of-teeth.

Except that they haven’t (“completely”).

It is accurate that the links to feeds are gone from their HTML pages and the META tags in the head sections of the pages.

The feeds themselves are still there and still working. My site UVFood aggregates restaurant news from Facebook and Twitter and is getting its feeds from both just fine.

To get an RSS feed for a Facebook page, use this URL:

changing ‘XXX’ to the page’s id and ‘atom10’ to ‘rss’ if you prefer ‘rss’.

To get an RSS feed for a Twitter user, use this URL:

changing ‘XXX’ to the Twitter user’s id.

Now, back to something useful.