Nutrition Labels for WordPress

less than 1 minute read

I’ve just released a plugin for Wordpress, wp-nutrition-label. It provides a Wordpress shortcode which generates an HTML FDA-style nutrition label. For instance,

[nutr-label protein=’5’ totalfat=’3’ carbohydrates=’10’ satfat=’1’ sodium=’250’ servings=’2’ servingsize=’1/2 cup’]

The label is styled to scale but doesn't yet scale well. Some elements of it work well but the "Nutrition Facts" text sometimes scales poorly. I'm looking at ways to improve the way that the label scales.

I’m also working on adding more nutrients (vitamins and minerals) to the label but haven’t quite decided on how to do it yet.

This is the first piece of software I have publicly released in a very long time. It’s quite likely the first piece of GPL’d software I’ve ever written - most of the software that I have publicly released (MIT’s PC/IP, in particular) was written pre-GPL. It’s ironic that it’s written in PHP, one of the my least favorite programming languages ever, though as much as I dislike PHP I have a great deal of respect for Wordpress.