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Apple’s HomePod: I Am The Weakest Link

5 minute read

Apple’’s HomePod lets you ask Siri to play music and control your home, but you may have to adapt to Siri before Siri will adapt to you.

Apple’s iOS Security Faustian Dilemma

7 minute read

Apple has a “user-centric” business model but forces iOS users to choose between using the version of iOS they want and getting security updates.

Replacement Power Supply For Libratone Zipp

1 minute read

When a wifi speaker’s power supply breaks and the official replacement is stupidly expensive you can find a replacement for the replacement on Amazon.

So Wifi Isn’t Secure – What Now?

9 minute read

Many individuals and many organizations treat their router and WiFi network as a security perimeter. “The hostile world is outside. The warm, friendly, safe ...

Machine Learning Baby Photos

16 minute read

Machine Learning is toddling into the world at breakneck speed. Let’s check out its baby photos.

Protect Your Domain Registrations and Privacy

9 minute read

When you register a domain name, you may expose personal information about yourself: your address, phone number email address. Here’s how to protect privacy.

Science Is Happening All Around You

3 minute read

For Earth Day: What do you imagine when you think of “science”? White coats, test tubes, beakers? Crazy hair and bowties? Musty books of facts?

Customer Service and Security: What Not to Do

10 minute read

If you’re a company that may receive security-related reports, the first thing not to do on the customer service front is to make it difficult to report issu...