Air Quality Egg Helper Browser Extension

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Air Quality Egg

I picked up a couple of Air Quality Eggs through Kickstarter. They're neat gadgets that can be equipped with a variety of sensors to monitor the air.

I'll write more about them later. For now I just want to announce a Chrome extension that I've written to make life a little better when checking their web pages.

The eggs are integrated with Cosm. Each egg has its own web page that shows reports for its sensors. The web page has a very nice minimal design but there are a few elements to it that bothered me:

1. No units on measurements

2. No link to the raw feed for the egg

3. The timestamp is UTC, not local time (or even better, it could be relative)

4. I am sadly still stuck on Fahrenheit and it displays the temperature in Celsius.

5. I might like the page to automatically refresh

6. No favicon (I know! total nitpick zone here)

I decided it would be easy enough to fix these things with a simple browser extension.

Here's a live example of an Air Quality Egg page. Below is a screen grab of the page marked up by my extension.

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 12.30.57 PM

My compliments to the folks who wrote the original page, though - it's very cleanly and thoughtfully coded, which made writing this extension a piece of cake.

So I've just published a Chrome extension that tweaks the Air Quality Egg page for me. All the tweaks are optional. Code is on Github. All the necessary links are on the extension's page. If there's enough interest I'll be happy to port it to Firefox or Safari.