Air Quality Egg Helper Browser Extension

Download Chrome browser extension

This extension offers several minor tweaks to the standard Air Quality Egg page provided by Xively:

* add units to measurements * show the temperature in Fahrenheit * show the last update time in local time rather than UTC * show the last update time relatively (“Last Updated 1 minute ago”) * show a link to the raw feed for this egg * add a favicon to the page (currently the favicon link is 404) * automatically refresh the page * put the egg’s name in the page title * display additional sensors

These tweaks can all be controlled via an options page.

Currently the extension only supports Google’s Chrome browser.

Find the source on Github.

Marked up Air Quality Egg Page

  • Thanks so much for the Chrome extension. I have an Air Quality Egg and I setup a Xively (formerly COSM) account. I don’t know how to add the Air Quality Egg to my account so that I can enable all sensors for your extension. Can you point me in the right direction? My feed id is: 130785
    Paul (Ken) Clifton

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