Pill Pockets

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Demanding Cat Now that our cats are becoming elderly, they need some kitty meds. Nothing too serious, but some daily pills, probably more to come.

We’re very fortunate to have cats who love pill pockets and are not clever enough to extract the pill from the pocket and just enjoy the treat. They love them enough that they demand them on schedule.

Pill pockets

The pockets themselves are very easy to deal with… bits of pliable meaty stuff shot full of preservatives so that they don’t decay sitting in a bag on the counter. Press a pill into them and you’re ready to trick your pet into eating their meds.

We can get pill pockets at our local coop but I found they’re a lot cheaper on Amazon when bought by the case. An individual package of them on Amazon costs about the same as it does at our coop, but a case of six is substantially cheaper.

As of the time I’m writing this, a case of 6 costs about $25. Buying them separately via Amazon or my local store, 6 would cost $36. So the case is a $11 or roughly 30% discount.

If you’re really cost sensitive on this sort of thing I suspect that most people would find a pill wrapped up in a little raw ground meat would work just as well.

(disclosure: the above is an affiliate link that gets me a kickback from Amazon)