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I’m watching a movie on … gasp… Blu-Ray for the first time in recent memory.


I’d forgotten just what an miserable experience it is. The interminable previews, which you can’t skip, because it’s more important that the disc manufacturer have the chance to market at you than it is that you get to watch the movie you’re trying to watch.

Including the preview for a movie which wants you to buy it and download it from iTunes or Amazon… but… but… this is a disc. Why are you rubbing my nose in it?

The software update that the Blu-Ray player really really wants me to install, before it’ll let me watch the movie (I just try not to think about the fact that it’s got Java inside. I really try not to think about that).

The awful Sony remote control, which places the buttons to navigate all the extra crap in the Blu-Ray player at a higher priority than the  the buttons to navigate the movie I’m trying … still trying to watch.

The remote has Yellow, Blue, Red and Green buttons because… Yellow, Blue, Red and Green, man, right?? Right? Yellow, Blue, Red and Green.

I can’t even tell you how far I am through the previews because I don’t know how many there are (other than “too many”), but now that I’ve pressed the menu button that takes me to the Blu-Ray player’s menu rather than the disc’s menu… going back to the disc has restarted the previews…

Now I don’t even want to watch the movie. And I definitely don’t want to watch any of the movies whose previews I’ve just sat through… again.

So, thanks Blu-Ray disc makers for saving me from wasting my time watching this movie. And for helping me appreciate what a good experience streaming generally provides (except for Fox TV shows… Fox, do you really need me to sit through the same stupid Family Guy promo on any Fox show I buy form iTunes? No you do not, but you do it anyway).

Let’s have more experiences where we do more of the thing we’re trying to do and do less extraneous crap.