Feeling the Love browser extension

1 minute read


I was curious about writing browser extensions so I decided to put together a simple one for Google’s Chrome browser.

Some time back, Ryan Freebern, a friend who put together the first decent layout for UVFood.com, released a bit of Javascript called Falling in Love, which would decorate your browser with falling hearts. You know, for Valentine’s.

Falling in Love was intended to be added to web sites by their authors, to trigger on Valentine’s Day. But what if you want falling hearts on your favorite web site and the site’s authors didn’t accommodate you?

This is “Feeling the Love”, which in will add Falling in Love to any and all web sites that you view using Google’s Chrome browser. Ryan’s Javascript does all the heavy lifting… this just wraps it up in a bow, ready to deliver it to the web site of your choice.

You can control how many, what kind and how often from the extension’s options page.

Remember, too much love can hurt… and can slow down your computer and spin up its fans.

You can find the extension in the extension store at Google (I haven’t updated the extension in years; it no longer works and is no longer available). By default the hearts will only fall on Valentine’s Day but you can see them any time by visiting the options page.

You can also find the source on Github.