Omnious Sounding

Yahoo seems to have changed the layout of Yahoo Movies recently. I was looking at what was playing locally and saw this: save-this.png It sounds ominous. If I don’t sign in are they going to close The Nugget?


Fox News is the most trusted TV news source, with 39.3% of respondents to an IFC survey saying they trusted it most.

  [From Poll: Internet, Fox News Are Most Trusted News Sources | Epicenter from ]


So You’re Having a Benefit Event…

So – the day of the event – you get a call asking what restaurants will be there. … The caller mentions to you that he tried to email quite a while ago but the mailbox was full. … This is, after all, the land where plumbers and electricians rarely answer their phones, return calls, or show up when they say they will. It used to be that they were really busy, but now they just don’t get around to it.

Toilet Bat

And, in the spirit of this new blog, I present to you: Toilet Bat. And remember to always look before you sit!