BBC’s Best Typo

With all the flap last week about Facebook buying WhatsApp for a stupidly large amount of money, I think most people missed BBC’s awesome typo on their first attempt at breaking the news. Here’s a screenshot of the notifications for it and its correction (and I swear, this is unmodified except for the hilight I added):

Today’s Best Spam

These spammers are ahead of my entire organization in attempting to protect my brand! I’ll definitely send this to my CEO.


Interesting how Amazon prioritizes use experience. Of course they want to make it easy to shop, right?

I can buy something via 1-click without having to re-authenticate myself. In fact I can buy a whole lot of stuff. I’m logged into Amazon but I haven’t re-authenticated myself in quite a while… no problem. Click, buy, click, buy, click buy.

Want to cancel an item in that 1-click order? Better check my password! Because I’m sure accidental cancellations happen much more often and are much more serious than accidental orders!