Fixing Perl after MacOS X Security Update 2009-001

Apple's first security update of 2009 for MacOS X may solve some security issues in the OS but it also seriously breaks Perl by installing old versions of some modules along with Perl. It looks like Perl works okay for things that MacOS X uses it for, but if you do development using it or have installed other modules than what it came bundled with you may find that it no longer works.

…You'll probably need to download it from CPAN by hand as the CPAN shell itself is broken by the update.

The current version (as of the time I'm writing this article) is 1.2301 – you can find it at

Working Through a Catalyst View Rendering Problem

I’ve been adding some belated email notifications to UVFood and in the process I ran into a frustrating problem: it wasn’t working at all. … Views are for rendering pages, but Catalyst::View::Email takes already-rendered text and then emails it somewhere. … I’ve written templates for the messages I need to send using HTML::Mason, so I need to render these templates before I can send a message.

…The fix is to fully qualify the view name, ie: my $v = $c->view(‘UVFoodApp::View::Mason’); Now I’m getting the correct component.