Stop The loop() Insanity!

The simplest Arduino program looks like this:

void setup() {

void loop() {

This does nothing beyond build and run.

The setup() function is used for one time, well, setup. This is where you initialize a sensor or connect to Wifi or set the speed of your serial port.

The loop() function is where you do the work. This is intended for repetitive tasks, like reading from a sensor or uploading some information or blinking lights. More

Please License Your Code

Dear Lupo:

I ran across your public repository of Arduino code on Github today. It’s nicely written and does almost exactly what I need. I would like to have used it in a project. I would have forked it, added a little functionality and contributed that back in case you’d like to integrate the changes. I might also have called it “George”. This would have saved me some time and let me add a bit of functionality to it that others might find useful.

Unfortunately it had no license – none at all. And you don’t have any links to social media or list any contact info in your profile so I can’t easily reach you to ask about it. More