So Wifi Isn’t Secure – What Now?

Many individuals and many organizations treat their router and WiFi network as a security perimeter. “The hostile world is outside. The warm, friendly, safe world is here, on our side of the fence.” The result is relaxed security inside the fence—printers anyone can talk to, media players with no passwords, open file sharing. Not to mention all the insecure IoT devices that may be on their network. The new KRACK Wifi exploit allows attackers to blow past Wifi’s built-in security.

Security, Privacy and IoT: The Week of March 18th, 2017

Security, privacy and Internet of Things updates for the week of March 18th 2017: Apple ransom, CIA leaks, Google blacklists Symantec certificates, CIA data dump, Instagram 2 factor, ISPs selling your info, Android wifi tracking, not quite breaches, Bixby, Alexa.

Security, Privacy and IoT: The Week of February 13th

I’m experimenting with compiling a list of interesting articles each week – I’ll compile a list of articles that caught my eye. I’m trying to keep this quick and maintain a high signal-to-noise ratio.


Adobe Flash Critical Security Update

Adobe has released Flash Player version for Windows, macOS and Linux. It fixes “critical vulnerabilities that could potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system”. If you have Flash installed on your computer, update it immediately. Also update Chrome.

Except for the copy of Flash that comes with Chrome, I haven’t had Flash installed on my Mac in years and I don’t miss it at all.