On My 50th Birthday

So I’ve finished half a century on the Earth. The word century always sounds impressive. And while fifty years sounds impressive, half a century sounds even better. I don’t feel fifty years old but I really don’t feel half a century old.

So many things have turned out differently from what I ever might have imagined.


Welcome to dot-dot-romkey

And the environment that I work in has changed and become much more complex… where two decades ago a piece of software most likely ran from the command-line, now it may need to live in a networked environment and work with a web server and talk to other pieces of software in order to do anything remotely interesting. … I’ve run three blogs for a while – The Apocalypse Blog , because I find the subject the ‘apocalypse’ rather fascinating; Shiny Things , which I started because friends would ask me for computer and gadget recommendations; and Blue Forest Blog , which I intended as a development blog for my software company, Blue Forest Research. … I’ll be cross-posting articles on dot-dot-romkey to my LiveJournal in order to make it easier for friends to follow it if they want. … I am bowing to practicality and will still have a sidebar which will only provide some assistance with navigating this blog, and pointers to my activity on a few other sites that are a part of my regular online life and may be of some interest or use to you, my reader.