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Korean Tacos

Since I’ve completely failed to be in the same place as a Korean taco food truck I decided to take a shot at making my own Korean tacos.

pork, kim-chee, sriracha, picked red onion, avocado Korean tacobeef, kim-chee, sriracha, picked radish, pickled jalapeno, avocado Korean taco

Except for the beverages, this is actually a relatively healthy meal… it has a lot of veggies in it. If you want to lighten it up further you might choose something other than tortillas to hold your tacos, and use leaner proteins.

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Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal

Pumpkin Pie Steel-cut Oatmeal

I enjoy steel-cut oatmeal for breakfast. It’s a healthful meal, but on its own, day after day, it can be bland and boring. So I’m trying to spruce it up a bit. Today’s experiment was for a chilly, rainy fall day: pumpkin pie oatmeal.

I prefer steel-cut oatmeal to regular (rolled) or instant oatmeal. I think it’s healthier – I also think it’s got a more interesting flavor and texture. It takes a little more care though, and takes longer to cook.

Steel-cut Oats Rolled Oats
Steel-cut oatmeal Rolled oats

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