iPad Air First Impressions

iPad Air on top of 4th gen iPad
I headed over to Best Buy first thing Friday morning… they opened at 8AM and handled the iPad Air rollout very nicely. It was raining hard… they gave reservations for particular units to people who were there early and didn’t make anyone stand in the rain. (They also handled the iPhone 5 very nicely, even making appointments for people to come in to activate their new phones – not as streamlined as pickup at Apple but still pretty civilized).


Snuglets – Making Magsafe 2 Not Drive Me Insane

When Apple first introduced the MagSafe power adapter connector it felt like a big step forward in an area no other company was making improvements in. MagSafe used magnetism to couple the power adapter connector to the notebook. Other manufacturers still used mechanical couplings, which were prone to crashing your notebook to the floor if you or your pet or your Roomba managed to get snagged in the power cord. With MagSafe the cord would easily detach from the computer. Otherwise it stayed firmly in place.

No More Printer Rebates from Apple

Screen Shot 2012 01 17 at 8 16 16 PMApple has long offered a $100 rebate on select printers. It’s something I’ve counseled many Mac buyers to take advantage of. You could get a moderate quality inkjet printer with a flatbed scanner built-into it for free with that rebate. If you didn’t need the printer you could usually sell it, netting maybe $50.

As of today that rebate is no more.