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Cooking Light magazine cover
I subscribe to the magazine “Cooking Light”. Issues usually have some good recipes when you ignore all the stuff about yoga, aromatherapy and blood pressure medicine (okay, I’m not sure they’ve ever run anything on aromatherapy, but still…).

I’m happy to say that they offer a digital edition on the iPad. It’s one of those fairly direct conversions from the print edition, but still it lets me keep around old copies without having to keep track of them or have them take up space. And subscribers to the print edition can receive the digital edition for free, which I really appreciate. Good move on “Cooking Light”‘s part.

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GNU Emacs on Rasperry Pi

For the two people in the world who were wondering this, GNU Emacs runs just fine under Debian on a Raspberry Pi. It doesn’t leave much memory available for other stuff so don’t expect to do a lot at the same time as you’re running emacs. But it works!

sudo apt-get install emacs

Gnu Emacs on Debian on a Raspbery Pi

Raspberry Pi

IMG 0239
I was fortunate enough to manage to get an order in for a Raspberry Pi a few weeks back and finally received a unit.

The Raspberry Pi has gotten a lot of press… it’s a tiny, very inexpensive Linux computer. The basic specs are minimal (700MHz ARM processor, 256MB RAM, boots off SD card) – but when you consider that you’re paying roughly $35 for a board, it’s quite impressive.

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Korean Tacos

Since I’ve completely failed to be in the same place as a Korean taco food truck I decided to take a shot at making my own Korean tacos.

pork, kim-chee, sriracha, picked red onion, avocado Korean tacobeef, kim-chee, sriracha, picked radish, pickled jalapeno, avocado Korean taco

Except for the beverages, this is actually a relatively healthy meal… it has a lot of veggies in it. If you want to lighten it up further you might choose something other than tortillas to hold your tacos, and use leaner proteins.

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