Security, Privacy and IoT: The Week of March 18th, 2017

Security, privacy and Internet of Things updates for the week of March 18th 2017: Apple ransom, CIA leaks, Google blacklists Symantec certificates, CIA data dump, Instagram 2 factor, ISPs selling your info, Android wifi tracking, not quite breaches, Bixby, Alexa.


Security, Privacy and IoT: The Week of March 6th, 2017


The biggest story in security this week is Wikileaks’ dump of CIA documents, reminding people that yes, the CIA is a spy agency and that yes, spy agencies would want to have cracking tools.

The big takeaways are that they have tools for hacking specific devices. Wikileaks spun this as the CIA being able to crack Signal and Whatsapp, but nothing in the documents indicates that – it’s more that the CIA can take control of the phone’s or computer’s OS – once that’s done, they can compromise any app without breaking its protocol.