Please License Your Code

Dear Lupo: I ran across your public repository of Arduino code on Github today. It’s nicely written and does almost exactly what I need. I would like to have used it in a project. I would have forked it, added a little functionality and contributed that back in case you’d like to integrate the … Continue reading
Banner photo by Ben Kerckx via Pixabay --

Apple’s HomePod: I Am The Weakest Link

Banner photo by Ben Kerckx via Pixabay Apple’s HomePod is a smart speaker that’s powered by Siri. Audio can be pushed to it via AirPlay, but really, it’s designed to be vocally commanded. “Siri, play the last album I purchased on iTunes.” “Siri, play my ‘Yoga in Nothing But Socks’ … Continue reading

Apple’s iOS Security Faustian Dilemma

The legend of Faust claims that he struck a bargain with the devil, trading his soul for limitless knowledge and pleasure. But did you know that the legend is wrong? Faust was just an iPhone owner seeking security updates for last year’s version of iOS. *** There’s a rhythm to Apple’s … Continue reading