Lean Eating Mentor Extension

This extension is designed to help mentors in Precision Nutrition’s Lean Eating. It adds some functionality to the Lean Eating forums to make it easier to interact with other forum users. People other than mentors are welcome to use this extension, but it will only be useful with the Lean Eating forums; it will not do anything with other web sites.

The extension currently only works under Google’s Chrome web browser. I’m looking at adding Firefox and Safari support.


Click on the mentor button on a forum post to edit information about the poster.

Information you enter is saved inside your browser. If you’re logged into Google, it will be synced to your Google account and available on other copies of Chrome you’re logged in on. ┬áThe information you enter will not be available on other browsers or in Chrome if you’re not logged in with the Google account you used when you entered it.

You can clear, export and import information you’ve entered. Click on the Mentor button on the Chrome toolbar.


Source is available on Github. I’m happy to take contributions from other people.


I’m publishing this extension under the GPL2 license. In a nutshell, you’re free to use it, distribute it, share it, modify it – as long as you do so under the same license that it is distributed under.


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