An Event Apart Seattle 2019 Calendar For Your Phone

Use this link to subscribe to a detailed calendar for An Event Apart Seattle 2019‘s event schedule:

Beware! Its only known issue is that it’s unstuck timezone-wise. If you import it into your calendar and you’re not in the Pacific timezone, events will import at times that are local to your calendar and may be several hours off from reality. For best results, “subscribe” (on Apple products) or do “From URL” on Google products – this will allow your calendar to update if the calendar changes. If you “import” please make sure your calendar is set to the Pacific timezone first.

Use iCloud Calendar Subscriptions   for macOS

How to subscribe to calendars on your iPhone or iPad for iOS

Consider creating a new calendar for this schedule rather than importing directly into your main calendar. Then if something goes wrong it’s easy to get rid of the import.

This file was created by scraping the web site schedule. The scraping code is open source, available at