Battlestar Galactica: Both Back and Ending

1 minute read

BSG is coming back this week for its final batch of episodes.

I have mixed feelings about it, if only because I’m really going to miss it terribly when it’s over. I’m glad it’s limited; there’s a specific story to tell and end, and the fourth season has been tight. But I’ll miss looking forward to it every Friday night.

The new episode will apparently run 3.5 minutes long, so set make sure your DVRs are catching that because I suspect you’ll be very unhappy about missing the last few minutes of the new episode. The fourth season DVDs (first half, anyway) recently hit the market, and I haven’t gotten a copy of them yet. I’ve mostly stopped buying DVDs in the last year or two; I’m trying to be less of a packrat. BSG DVDs, however, make the cut. I’m convinced I’ll be happy that I have them and will watch them again, like all those Buffy DVDs I never watched.

If you’re looking forward to BSG returning and you haven’t watched the most recent ten “webisodes”, you really should take a look at them. It’s hard to say but it looks like they set in motion something that will be happening in the final episodes.

The webisodes are available from Amazon for free. You can view them under Windows or on a Mac, or download them to a Tivo to watch. They’re also available from the iTunes Store for free, so you can carry them around on your iPod if you want to as well as watch them on your computer or Apple TV.

I’m not certain that the webisodes are vital for seeing tonight’s new episode - my understanding is that they take place concurrently with it - but they do look like they set up something important.

BSG will at least make a very cold night tonight much more pleasant.